About Business to Business Bookkeeping


Serving clients since 2014, Business to Business Bookkeeping was founded by Cat Arnaez to meet the practical needs of small business owners. BTB offers businesses reliable, trustworthy, and friendly financial support.

Dare we say we make bookkeeping a little fun.

BTB Bookkeeping serves businesses of all sizes, and through convenient virtual bookkeeping, we can meet our clients wherever they are. We have a passion for small-mid-sized companies in the community where we’re based, Tampa Bay. A thriving entrepreneurial hub, Tampa Bay is brimming with start-ups, creative ventures, and women-owned businesses. It’s a community of dreamers and doers, and we love the business relationships we’ve built here.

Whether close to home or elsewhere, we get pretty excited to partner with businesses to help them become more knowledgeable about their business finances and put their financial pieces together.

People and Numbers are Our Jam

Not all businesses need a full-time or even part-time staff hire to manage their books. However, they do need someone with experience to help them keep track of their bottom line; put together clear financials for tax or investment purposes; and perform historical clean up when being busy has taken a toll on keeping clean books.

We rather enjoy turning what you may feel is a financial mess into financial clarity.

Push Stress Aside for Peace of Mind

Maybe you want to get your new business accounting on track from day one. Perhaps you’re tired of the constant stress of your financials, or you’re ready to scale for growth. It’s time for you to focus on your thriving business and let us put our expertise to work.

If you’re ready to rock with bookkeeping services, we’re here to roll with you.

Meet Cat Arnaez, Head Bookkeeper in Charge


I’m probably everything not typical about who you’d picture a bookkeeper to be, but I might be exactly who your business needs.

Before starting Business to Business Bookkeeping, I had a hand in company finances across many career roles. While I’ve always had a natural knack for analyzing numbers, I’m also an artist and storyteller at heart who sings, writes songs, and creates poetry. As a result, I see the financials of any business as more than profits and losses. The numbers tell stories of a company’s priorities, growth, and movement.

In 2014, I had a realization that many small businesses are unaware of their financials, beyond the black and white numbers, to what those numbers are actually saying about the health, direction, and goals of their companies. So, when I started Business to Business Bookkeeping, I set out with the mission to equip people with the financial knowledge they need to be delivered through caring and customized bookkeeping support.

Partnering with my community and pursuing constant growth fuel me daily in my work. I’m a proud member of several local organizations, such as the Valrico-Fishhawk Chamber of Commerce, Working Women of Tampa Bay, and Hearts and Heels Networking Group. I am also currently serving a 4-year term with my neighborhood’s CDD (Comunity Development District). Who knows? You may see my name in a local government election someday. Community matters immensely to me.

With an A.S. degree in Accounting, a certification as a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and years of experience, I’m ready to help business owners set up bookkeeping systems that free them to run the most fun parts of their businesses.

A few more interesting facts you might want to know about me

⇢ I was born in Okinawa, Japan. I grew up in north Texas and moved to Southeast Florida in 1999.

⇢ I was a professional singer, singing in local shows and contests from Miami to Orlando. You may have met me when I was part of the FBI (Female Band Invasion), a band from Sarasota I was in about ten years ago.

⇢ Raised by a single mother and a single mother myself, my life experiences drive my desire to help women-owned businesses survive and thrive. Someday, I’d like to get involved with or start a non-profit that offers legal and community services for single parents.

⇢ I have four amazing kids—a soccer-loving teenage boy, twin teen girls who can also belt out a tune, and a preschool-aged girl who’s up for anything. Life is never dull!

⇢ My family is Italian American. We love food (I love cooking), and a loud room is one full of love.

⇢ Florida beaches and rainy afternoons relax my soul.

Are things like keeping up your financials and knowing they’re done right getting in the way of the best use of your business time or downtime?

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